Our Core Services



Whether temporary or permanently installed, structured cabling, using Cat5e or higher specification copper cable and multimode or single mode fibre optic cable provides the connectivity required for a robust, low latency network.

When installed by Totally Connected, our tidy cabling is free from the risk of interference and higher latency that can be suffered by wireless networks, a hardwired network should always be you first choice whenever possible.

However, with the advent of Terragraph, an open Standard developed by Facebook, wireless networking can be a cheaper and faster to install alternative that provides benefits that perfectly suit temporary field deployment. Our equipment creates a self healing mesh network that delivers ultra-low latency and multi-gigabit throughput connectivity.



Using structured cabling, Terragraph or by using advanced meshing technology, wireless access points can be discreetly installed to provide strong and secure connections.

We can perform a desktop WiFi survey from your building plans or a more accurate on site survey to determine the optimum location and configuration of each access point.

A captive portal screen can be configured by us to collect user data and display the terms and conditions of usage, along with a paywall to monetise your investment. Bandwidth throttling ensures fair usage and advanced settings optimise the performance. Remote ongoing management of permanent installations by Totally Connected is offered as an option.



Following the Surveillance Camera Comissioners code of practice, Totally Connected can install CCTV Utilising the same infratructure as the WiFi.

We can provide static and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras with IR (Infra Red) night vision, with resolution up to 8K Ultra HD. Video is recorded across multiple hard drives for fault tolerance so your footage is never lost. 

A multitude of display options ranging from your mobile phone for viewing anywhere to a large multiscreen video wall are available. Additional thermal imaging, 360 degree panoramic, ANPR and people counting cameras with AI can compliment any deployment. 


Getting our customers online is what we do best, whether it’s your event, business or home, we can get you connected. 


Totally Connected has access to the full range of internet services available today, at very competitive prices, from temporary DSL through to dedicated high speed fibre optic leased lines ranging from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps. 


We can provide Starlink satellite, 3G, 4G and 5G internet when your location falls outside of an existing network and bond these connections together to create a fast unbreakable link to the internet. 


We can connect you wirelessly back to an existing off site connection with our 60Ghz equipment or we can even get your remote site connected to a national fibre network and organise the permissions, wayleaves and civil work. There’s no site that can’t be connected. 


We know how important connectivity and surveillance is at a festival, that’s why we’ve invested in the latest hardware to get your site online fast. Using 60 Ghz mmWave Terragraph wireless equipment, our time served telecoms engineers can build a highly resilient, low latency multi gigabit mesh network that will stand up to the worst of the UK’s weather or any unexpected event. If you don’t have an existing internet connection, then we can use our Starlink satellite internet in conjunction with a bonding 5G router that bonds multiple connections to make a fast, unbreakable link to the internet. 

Your site and requirements will be carefully considered, with a thorough site survey to enable us to produce a design for your approval, along with our risk assessment and method statement. Throughout the installation, our team will work to the highest standard and keep you updated on their progress. During the event, a crew of technical experts will remain on site to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA) rarely come into action due to the high level of design and build quality.

High capacity, long range and weatherproof, our wireless access points connect back to our NOC over the Terragraph 60 Ghz mesh network to provide excellent coverage and reliability where you need it, enabling your ticket scanners, bars, event control, production crew, press and everyone else who needs to, stay connected. If power is an issue then we’ve got you covered, both our wireless access points and CCTV cameras use Power Over Ethernet and can be deployed up to 1Km from a power source using our POE ethernet repeaters.

Fully compliant with the Surveillance Camera Commissioners code of practice, Totally Connected can provide a full CCTV system, either operated by your staff or our own SIA accredited operators. Our Dahua cameras connect over the network to an enterprise class NVR where the footage is recorded to a multiple hard drive array for redundancy. Featuring IR night vision up to 100 meters and resolution up to 4K, our PTZ and static cameras will be sure to cover all the important action enabling you to react fast. After the event, we will provide you with copies of all the recordings on any format and store them permanantly in our fireproof storage facility if you require.

Victorious Festival
"I can't recommend Totally Connected enough, our experience has been as smooth as promised. All last minute changes to the plan were carried out without question and there were no surprises on the invoice"


Totally Connected has completed another successful project for the Bolesworth Estate, providing wifi for their Christmas Lights event. The project provided event production, bars, and traders with resilient connectivity and we’re looking forward to working with the highly professional team on their upcoming world-renowned equestrian events.


Totally Connected can provide all of our core services in any business environment. In addition, we can install audio and video systems, advanced access control, fire and security systems and provide comprehensive electrical services. We can provide project management services or provide a complete turn key solution with our trusted trade partners.


  • Hospitality & leisure
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Health care
  • Education


  • Cat5e – Cat8 cabling
  • Fibre optics
  • IT hardware – routers, switches, firewalls etc.
  • WiFi
  • CCTV
  • VOIP
  • Network storage
  • Network cabinets
  • Comms rooms
  • IT suites
  • Access control
  • Fire alarms
  • Intruder alarms
  • 5 Ghz & 60 Ghz point to point links and mesh networks


Every project undertaken by Totally Connected, no matter how small, is treated with the same high level of health and safety scrutiny. Included with this is our Covid secure policy, following HSE guidance, we won’t put anyone at risk. We ensure that nothing is left to chance and produce a thorough risk assessment and method statement for your approval before work starts. Our highly trained engineers will complete a daily risk assessment and will wear the appropriate PPE throughout the project and keep the work site safe and tidy. Our on site staff possess CSCS qualifications along with PASMA and IPAF certificates to enable them to safely work at heigh using scaffold towers and mobile elevated work platforms and our highly skilled electricians have UKAS accredited NAPIT membership. 


With over 20 years of experience working in operations for a major international telecoms company, technology enthusiast Jay Cockerill wanted to bring his skills out to a wider audience and founded Totally Connected. Now, working with a likeminded team of technical experts, Totally Connected can deliver effective solutions to suit any requirement, no matter how complex, we love a challange! Call us on 0800 086 2595, we’d love to chat with you about your project.

We strive to provide the best, that’s why every element of each service we provide is carefully considered and tailored to each customer. From our initial contact, through the design phase, the installation and commissioning, to signing off the work with your approval, and ongoing maintenance, Totally Connected will make sure that the job is completed to your satisfaction. We can provide test results for newly installed networks and stand by our workmanship. You won’t be disappointed.


Phone us on 0800 086 2595 or fill out the form below and we’ll get straight back to you.